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The sale or acquisition of a company is one of the most important strategic decisions that a company owner or executive can make. Riocap professionals can intervene and participate from the very outset in developing various strategies. They make it their responsibility to properly define their clients’ objectives and to ensure that the desired transaction is realistic and that it attains previously set goals. Before any initial steps are taken, we make sure that our client is well informed of the consequences and procedures related to the multiple aspects of a transaction.


Riocap has a solid reputation in the marketplace. Having participated in various transactions, we ensure our clients the best possible exposure to qualified buyers. We work closely with our clients to establish a tailored approach and take into account the specifics of each case and transaction. Ideally, our professionals intervene at the beginning of the selling process so as to favour the best possible valuation strategy for the company.

Some important aspects of our approach may include:

  1. A rigorous analysis to identify strategies and corrective actions, where necessary, to attain the best possible valuation of the company.
  2. Determining price and conditions of sale.
  3. Preparing and drafting information memos required to market the company.
  4. Identifying and qualifying potential buyers.
  5. Guidance and strategic consulting throughout the process.
  6. Assisting management during due diligence review.
  7. Working together with all professionals involved to facilitate negotiation and a harmonious closing.


Riocap helps its clients with the identification, qualification, and negotiation involved when acquiring a target company that meets the buyer’s criteria. Our advisors can identify companies that are not officially on the market, as well as approach them with discretion and professionalism.

The stages of the process may include:

  • Strategic planning justifying the acquisition.
  • Identifying potential targets that meet the buyer's criteria.
  • Initiating talks and preliminary negotiations. Establishing basic parameters to conduct the transaction.
  • Assistance in seeking the required financing to conclude the acquisition.

"Compelling offering materials are a key component of a successful M&A process and critical to obtaining the highest selling price ."

"A well-executed acquisition strategy can bolster your company’s growth, reposition the company into a more exciting space, and improve your overall competitive position."
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