Experienced professionals

Riocap is made up of seasoned and dynamic experienced professionals, with complementary areas of expertise. They have an extensive track record acting as financial advisors for corporate executives and business owners, as decision makers in major financial institutions, or as entrepreneurs. They at all times maintain a high degree of professionalism and take all available measures to conclude transactions in a timely and efficient manner.

● Focused on medium-sized transactions

Our advisors understand the needs of medium-sized companies. We hold long-standing relations with various market players that operate as private investment banks, equity funds, traditional financial institutions, and strategic and financial buyers. Our structure enables us to act quickly and to get concrete results for our clients.

Attaining objectives

Our priority is to help owners and corporate decision makers to implement their chosen solutions, and to enable them to effectively attain their objectives. Our consultants coordinate and supervise every stage of the transaction, as required, working together with our network of specialists to smoothly implement the designated plan of action, and thus ensuring the best possible transaction outcome.

Recognized competency

Corporate transactions cannot be improvised. They require extensive knowledge based on experience and on privileged relationships built over the years. Quality listening is a trait held in high regard by our advisors, who strive to perform their work objectively and independently. They pay close attention to the specific objectives of each client, and are readily available, always seeking the best interests of their client.

Every good transaction demands technical competency—yet beyond that, it requires human qualities such as ethics, discretion, and respect of others. In our opinion, these qualities make the difference—indeed, they are essential to a first-class organization.

À la carte service

Our advisors provide valuable know-how and assistance with regard to the various aspects of your transaction. Our objective is to simplify your life, to avoid frustrations, to minimize delays, and to reduce excess costs as much as possible.

Riocap offers a complete range of advisory services in mergers and acquisitions. You can choose only those that you need. We are also flexible enough to play only a limited role if you want to assign specific tasks to other professionals or firms.


Our fees are competitive and compare favourably to those of other professionals in our field.

Generally speaking, the fees connected to a transaction consist of success fees, payable upon the conclusion of a transaction, subject to basic fees that cover the cost of initial actions.

Fees connected to financing activities consist of a percentage of the financing obtained, subject to basic fees covering the cost of initial actions.

Strategic consulting fees are usually billed on an hourly basis, but can also be a flat rate if the assignment is clearly defined.

Given the specific nature of each situation, we can inform you clearly about applicable rates at a first meeting. Free initial advice is provided at initial meetings.


Confidentiality is an essential and core element present at each of our assignments. All our interventions are executed in strict confidence, to avoid any concerns or rumours among your employees, clients, or suppliers. The disclosure and dissemination of any information gathered is always kept within a restricted framework. It is kept closely controlled and is only shared with your prior authorization.

"In private company M&A transactions, the vast majority of sellers leave significant value on the table, when negotiating without the assistance of a seasoned M&A professional."














"Confidentiality and timing are two critical factors of preserving value throughout the M&A proces.."
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